Hi-Tech Remote For Household Appliances

Have you wanted to operate multiple devices at your house without getting up from your sofa? It would be quite nice to be able to turn off the TV, crank up some music and switch on the air conditioning while lying down and having a rest.
Well, all that can be done with the following product: i-Ctrl Wi-Fi Remote.

This device is a wireless, universal remote control than can operate all your appliances.
A rounded disk, which actually looks like a UFO, can be placed in any room of your house. Just turn it up and you can forget about all other remotes – all your appliances are controlled by infrared power of i-Ctrl.

But none of that is possible without a smartphone app, available for iOS and Android devices. That’s actually what creates all the magic. With a tap of your finger, you can turn on anything: TV, music player, DVD-player, ventilator, and so on. From this moment on, you won’t be lost between all your remote controls – there will be universal one right on your smartphone. The app can basically do anything to your TV. You can mute it, turn the volume up or switch over the channels. It’s even possible to program your favourite channels for a quick access to your beloved TV shows.

Plus, i-Ctrl serves as a very practical device. The app allows you to make up a schedule for your household appliances. That way, they will turn on and off automatically. For example, the air conditioning can switched off for the night and turned back on in the morning. So, i-Ctrl can also be your personal secretary.

Made by “AIFA-Develop” (aifa-develop.com/zh-tw/i-ctrl-schesuling) i-Ctrl Wi-Fi Remote is a pretty functional hi-tech device for simplifying your daily routine.
With a smartphone in a hand, all appliances at home can be controlled easily.

i-ctrl Remote for Household Appliances

i-ctrl Remote for Household Appliances

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