Harman Kardon Cortana-Powered Smart Speaker

Voice-activated speakers are quite popular nowadays. There are some great devices from top-notch companies, like Amazon Echo or Google Home.
But now, there’s a new addition to this range – Microsoft partnered up with Harman Kardon to release a smart speaker, integrated with a voice assistant Cortana.

As we’ve written earlier, Microsoft launched Windows 10 Creators Update to expand Cortana’s possibilities and spread in onto household appliances. So, designing a smart speaker, especially in cooperation with a famous audio electronics brand Harman Kardon, seems like a logical step from Microsoft. This all-around integration with Cortana will allow manufacturers to create smarter devices on all platforms.

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As for the speaker itself, it will provide great organizing and entertainment functionality, serving as a personal “secretary” for all users. Microsoft representatives say with confidence that their new smart speaker can be easily compared with Google Home or Amazon Echo in terms of productivity and functionality.

Microsoft hasn’t shared any details or specifications about the device. Perhaps, the speaker will be released in 2017.
Right now, anyone can check out new Harman Kardon music gadget in this video:

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