Smart Language Electronic Voice Translator

Our world is a truly beautiful place, full of miraculous places and wonderful spots. But there’s an eternal problem for any traveller – the language barrier. It’s easy to get lost in an unknown country and without knowing the language, you can’t really ask people for directions. That’s why tourists often buy dictionaries or use various smartphone apps. But there’s a much more tech way to cross the language barrier.
Smart Language Pocket Electronic Voice Translator called IU Translator made by Advanced Professional Group Co., Ltd.(APG) and we’re going to review it.

IU Smart Translator is small, very portable speaker in the shape of cube, which will save any tourist from awkward misunderstanding situations with foreigners. The device works wirelessly, so there are no annoying cables. IU Translator supports 18 languages, including the most widely spoken ones in the world. Manufacturers have put a lot of effort into the voice recognition and translation, so the functionality is very good.

Plus, using this device is very simple. On one side, there’s a round with two buttons: U and I. To translate your own speech, all you need to do is press the button I and say the phrase. After that, you release the button and the device gives you the translation. The same process works for your conversation partner – press the button U, before he (or she) starts speaking, and release it to get the translation. To choose the language for interpretation, you need to press both buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. As you can see, the operation is easy but the result is impressive.

So, IU Translator is an extremely helpful, smart gadget. The product is only beginning its journey onto the global market but we can already say that its future is promising.

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