Google Home Voice Assistant Smart Speaker

We’re quite used to voice recognition in smartphones and tablets. Everybody’s heard about Siri or Cortana. They are quite helpful and you can have an actual conversation with your virtual helper. But as voice recognition is getting more popular, more devices are fitted with this feature. And for this review, we have a fantastic gadget from the global technology giant – Google Home.

Google Home is a compact speaker which is able to do a lot of things due to its integration with the Google voice assistant. Basically, it’s your portable companion that can answer questions and guide you through your day. Besides, it’s a very good-looking hi-tech accessory. Shaped like a vase, the speaker complements any style and serves as a beautiful addition to your home décor.

As this device is characterized as a speaker, we should mention that the sound is very clear and well-balanced. Music enthusiasts will appreciate rich bass and powerful, “ringing” highs. Upon your voice command, Google Home can crank up any of your playlists from Google Play Music, YouTube or Spotify.

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Google Home, White Slate

Google Home, White Slate

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But music is only the beginning. This hi-tech device can help you make up your day schedule and warn you if you have something planned for a particular hour. If you have any trivia questions, just ask them – Google Home will momentarily find answers on any topics. The speaker can tell you about daily news, weather or even traffic on roads. The amount of features is staggering – in certain situations it can even replace your mobile devices. Google Home is there for you at all times – you want to multiply two numbers, translate an expression from Swedish into English, call a taxi or even control temperature in your room – just ask for it.
Well, obviously, Google engineers have put a lot of work into this device and we can safely say that they’ve done a brilliant job. Google Home boasts a fantastic number of features and all of them are activated with just your voice. Basically, it’s your assistant that can help you use your time profitably.
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Hi-Tech Speaker From Google. Google Home

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