Play Impossible Gameball Smart Ball For Games

Modern kids spend a lot of time in front of their computers instead of playing outside. But what if someone combined active games with technology? Well, some companies are already thinking about it. A startup, called Play Impossible Gameball, created a Smart Ball For Games that’s connected to your mobile devices.

At first sight, the ball seems quite regular. It can be inflated like any other ball and used for all sorts of games. But Play Impossible is full of hi-tech features on the inside. It has built-in accelerometer, barometer, ultra-capacitor, and so on. Due to all this gear, the ball measures various data and transmits it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Plus, users will be able to record videos with that ball.

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Play Impossible Gameball Smart Ball

Play Impossible Gameball Smart Ball For Games

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The information can be seen in a special Play Impossible app, available for iOS and Android devices. In the app, kids will be able to see the speed or height that they’re throwing the ball at or number of times that they’ve hit it. The app also offers a selection of different games for maximum entertainment for the children. When the ball has low battery, it can be quickly charged up – it takes around 20 seconds for 2 hours of fun.

Play Impossible CEO Brian Monnin said that their product focuses mainly on physical games and fun. The startup has bright – it has just received a major investment and is currently raising additional capital on Indiegogo. And we can only wish them good luck.

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