Cortana-Integrated Household Appliances

Microsoft is going to spread its influence to household appliances. The company is planning to allow manufacturers of smart consumer electronics (the ones which can access the Internet) to integrate a voice assistant Cortana into their products. That way, regular devices will become even more hi-tech.

Full Cortana-integration is expected after Microsoft releases Windows 10 Creators Update in March 2017. To get the whole set of Cortana features and abilities, Micrisoft asks the manufacturers to fit their products with special displays. Among first such household appliances, we may see fridges, thermostats and toasters.

With the upcoming update, Cortana will become even more functional. Communication will be more efficient and a new “voice awakening” will be available. That means that any device can be activated with user’s voice even if he is in another room. Microsoft is currently testing new Cortana features which, according to the company’s representatives, will expand voice-activating possibilities.

Anyway, this is probably the beginning. In the future, even our routine life will be filled with hi-tech appliances. So, if Microsoft and maybe some other companies keep developing this area, we may soon see a lot of household devices, fitted with voice activation.

Cortana-Integrated Household Appliances

Cortana-Integrated Household Appliances

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