BeatsX Earphones Delayed

Yesterday, Apple fans were hit with pretty exciting news – AirPods became available for purchase and some lucky customers may even receive them before the end of the year.
But that’s not the only pair of earphones that customers have wanted.
Apple has been working on BeatsX wireless earphones but their release has been postponed again and again. Now, there’s official information about the matter and it’s not very optimistic.

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Unfortunately, everyone, who wanted a pair of BeatsX, is going to spend the holidays without them, as Apple has officially extended the shipping window until February, according to the reseller B&H. This long delay isn’t the first one, so Apple seems to have some difficulties with wireless earphones. BeatsX were introduced together with AirPods, but since that time, there were no explanations, concerning the delay. Analysts are puzzled – they all agree that wireless earphones segment is a problematic for Apple but they can’t find reasons for that. Some blamed the Apple W1 processor for all these problems but the company is currently shipping a few devices, fitted with that chip, so this option isn’t valid.

In any case, we can say that audio accessories weren’t the strongest suit for Apple in 2016. Despite the fact that the company acquired Beats, it couldn’t enter this new market smoothly.

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