iPad Air Exploded In Ningbo city (China)

Everybody has heard about numerous cases of smartphones catching fire. Most recent ones of them concerned Samsung devices. The company has already cancelled the production of Note 7 and lately there was an incident on the plane with the Galaxy 7. One might say that while Samsung’s reputation is falling, its main competitor could benefit from that. It turns out that Apple has got some problems as well.

A Chinese telecom company Tencent reported a case about iPad Air which exploded while being charged. A man from Ningbo told journalists about the incident. He said that he plugged the charger into his iPad in the evening and went to sleep. During the night, the device got too hot and exploded. The bedside table, which the iPad was lying on, had a big, black spot while the device itself fell into pieces. Obviously, the iPad was beyond repair.

A man got very lucky – he was wearing thick clothes and this saved him. iPad user also said that he sent the photo of the exploded device to the manufacturer. Apple hasn’t yet provided any comments on the situation. The incident could easily be caused by external influence or a fake charger. This doesn’t usually happen to iPads, so the explosion may not be a reason to be scared for iPad users.

iPad Air exploded

iPad Air exploded

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