Best Denon Over Ears Wireless Headphones

The company Denon has always been loved by its fans for high-quality products. Denon perfectly understands customers’ needs and lives up to all expectations. Recently, the company released another device – Denon AH-GC20 headphones. So, let’s see if Denon managed to maintain its reputation.

First off, the headphones look very tidy and elegant. They weigh only 275g, which makes them comfortable for wearing even the whole day. Besides, AH-GC20 are collapsible – you can them in a case (included) and carry them around in your bag or backpack. Also, the headband is made of aluminium, covered with leather. Plus, earpads are finished with soft plastic. It “remembers” the shape of your ears, so the music experience in these headphones will never become too tiring and annoying.

In terms of the sound, AH-GC20 are incredible. They have a very functional noise cancellation system. Even without music, outer noises will be hardly hearable. So, when the music is one, you will be able to enjoy a fully immersive listening experience. Moreover, the audio performance is rather impressive. Lows and highs are distinguishable, especially when the music is loud. By the way, the amount of “loudness” will be enough even for keen music enthusiasts.

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As AH-GC20 are wireless headphones, they are connected to your mobile devices via Bluetooth. The connection is seamless, you’ll be able to even have conversations with your friends while your smartphone is in the pocket. Battery time of these headphones is around 20 hours and charging takes only 3 hours.

To sum it up, Denon has made a great music accessory for mobile devices.
AH-GC20 are especially notable for their noise cancelling but their design and sound are also top-class. Good for a music fan.

Denon AH-GC20 Wireless Headphones

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