Apple AirPods Are Finally Available

After a long, 3-month-anticipation, all Apple fans around the world can finally feel excited – wireless earphones AirPods are available for purchase. So far, though, they can only be bought in the Apple Online Store but they are expected to hit retail stores in the coming week.

Apple AirPods are finally available

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A little reminder: AirPods is a pair of wireless earphones, synchronized with one another. The sound transmits wireless to both dynamics. An Apple W1 processor is used for converting the signal. Plus, AirPods are integrated with Siri, so the control will be much easier.
As our readers may remember, AirPods were announced a long time ago – in September, together with iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. The initial plan was to release AirPods n October but unfortunately, since that time, the release has been postponed several times. According to Wall Street Journal, Apple came across a problem of synchronizing the sound between two channels. This delay was considered by many experts as one of the biggest failures in Apple’s history. Nonetheless, the company found the way to launch the sales of AirPods before the holidays, despite contradicting rumours. It turns out that Tim Cook kept his promise.

Apple AirPods are currently available for pre-order for $159.
According to Apple, the earphones will be shipped before December ends.

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