Smart AI Voice Assistant Car Gadget

To be perfectly honest, we are quite dependable on our smartphones today. Even in cars, when we use our mobile devices as navigators or music players. For more comfort there are different accessories which you can attach to air vents and place your phone on them. But we’d like to present you a much more innovative option – Dashbot Add AI to Any Car.

Dashbot is a small device, fitted with a simple, red-LED display and powered by the company’ own C.H.I.P. Pro computer module. The main purpose of this gadget is to be a replacement of your phone while driving. Just put the accessory on your dashboard, turn it on, connect it to your smartphone and the magic begins. Due to the seamless Bluetooth connection, Dashbot controls everything: maps, music, messages and even calls. And you can just leave your smartphone in your pocket!

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To operate Dashbot, you have to use only your voice. An Amazon voice assistant Alexa will do everything else. If you need navigation help or you want to play a certain playlist, ask Dashbot that and its artificial intelligence will do the job.

Dashbot is fitted with a very advanced microphone system. It processes every signal efficiently and also cancels any outer noises. As a result, the voice recognition works incredibly well, you won’t have to scream and shout to make it work properly. With that technology, you can even send text messages without using your smartphone. Dashbot converts your speech into text and you can verify the message on the screen.

So, for everyone who’s interested in this innovative accessory, we advise to visit its Kickstarter page and learn more about Dashbot. You can also pre-order it for $49.

Dashbot- Add AI to Any Car

Dashbot- Add AI to Any Car

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