Fake AirPods Produced in China

As the release of AirPods is delayed again and again, iPhone 7 users have to find solutions in this situation. Adapters and other wireless earbuds have filled the market. But there’s no cheaper option than buying a fake device. And that’s exactly what one Chinese company thought.

The brand, called Dacom, started selling fake AirPods. The company isn’t that famous even in China but fake AirPods are definitely going to bring them some fame. The device is already available in the online shopping website Taobao and you can even buy it from the USA for only $18.

The earphones, called Dacom 7S X1, are quite similar to AirPods, if you look at them from distance. The shape is practically identical, compared to the original. Up close, though, the differences become obvious – the Chinese earphones have additional buttons on the outer side. Dacom 7S X1 are wireless – they are connected to smartphones via Bluetooth. Obviously, users won’t have access to Siri and the sound quality will be considerably worse. But users will get a couple of extra ear cushions and a charging case. One charge, by the way, is enough for 6 days of audio playback.

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