AirPods Delay Continues

Wireless Apple earphones AirPods were announced for the first time this autumn. Since that time, though, the release date has been postponed several times and it’s still unknown. According to company’s representatives, AirPods aren’t ready yet, they are in final stages of testing. Tim Cook has already said in an e-mail to one of Apple device users that the earphones will come out until the end of 2016. However, this piece of information may not be true.

Apple AirPods Release Date

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Journalists managed to find out from their own sources that Apple would start the production of AirPods in this month, so the earphones will finally hit the shelves only in the middle of January. What’s more disappointing is that the batch will be quite small and not everybody will be able to buy AirPods in this time.

This whole situation with endless delays probably reminds Apple fans about Mac Pro in 2014. After the announcement, Apple’s own PC went on sale only in a few months. The reasons are unknown to this day. One of them suggested that PCs were produced in the USA, not in China.

Now, AirPods have similar problems. Millions of customers are desperately waiting for them to finally come out but Apple continues to test the patience of the company’s fans. In any case, let’s hope for the best. Probably, AirPods are so good that they are worth waiting for.

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