Carat Pro Sport Earbuds Functional Earphones for Fitness

Every fitness fan will tell you that it’s much more pleasant to work out while listening to some motivational music. That’s why sport earphones are quite popular today. But what if such earphones could do a little bit more? What if we told you that there’s a device that combines music with fitness tracking features? For all sport lovers around the world we present Carat Pro Sport Earphones.

Yes, this is not just a simple device. Carat Pro are the first wireless earphones which can serve as a fitness tracker. They are fitted with a highly accurate heart rate monitor. All your activities are tracked by these earphones. The Carat Pro app (available for iPhones and Android smartphones) offers a list of 5 trainings and provides you with “coaching” services. It can help you compose a perfect training schedule. The earphones recognize every one of offered types of trainings and measure various statistics (steps, distance, calories, and so on). All the health and fitness information is displayed in the app due to the seamless connection with your mobile devices.

Functional Earphones for Fitness

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Apart from that, Carat Pro isn’t bad at playing music. 4GB of internal storage allow you to have all your favourite tunes at your disposal. Via Bluetooth, you can operate the earphones with voice commands, you won’t even have to use your smartphone. Powerful sound will always keep you energized even during the hardest workouts. Plus, the battery lasts to 9 hours, which is more than enough for sport earphones.

So, with a great, sporty design and a number of extremely useful features, Carat Pro is a perfect fitness companion.

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