How Often iPhone Battery Need Replacing?

Two weeks ago Apple started the battery replacement programme for iPhones 6s. Its users have come across certain problems when phones were switching off randomly because off battery problems. With this programme in progress, Apple also changed its webpage, so that users could learn themselves if a battery in their device needs replacing.

The webpage now has a window for putting in a serial number. Every iPhone 6s user can enter the serial of the device and learn if he has the right for battery replacement according to this programme. In case of the positive result, the battery in the phone will be replaced in any service centre. Earlier, to find out if iPhone 6s battery could be changed for free, people themselves had to look for symbols in the serial number and even that didn’t guarantee the success.

We remind you that every iPhone 6s model, produced in September-October of 2015. If your phone has any problems with the battery or it turns off without any reason, you need to contact the nearest service centre and ask your question. Perhaps, you became victim of the same situation.

iPhone 6S Battery Need Replacing?

iPhone 6S Battery Need Replacing?

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