Best Selling Wireless WiFi Routers

Wi-Fi routers are in a great demand today. But like with any other product, customers always want the best one. But what is the best one? Every company will try to convince people that their product is the most functional and productive, so it’s hard to trust manufacturers. In this case, it would be more effective to ask users, their opinion matters more. And that’s exactly what the company J.D. Power did – they made a rating of the best router makers according to customers’ preferences.

Unsurprisingly, the first place went to Apple with their AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme. These routers were met most positively by users which allowed Apple to score 876 points on this rating. ASUS with 860 points took the second spot and the third spot went to D-Link. Users estimated routers by a few criteria, like range of signal or reliability. Apple routers were actually the best for both these indicators. Besides, users mentioned simplicity of installation and connection.

For our readers we have to remind that Apple stopped producing AirPort routers a month ago. No new models will appear on the market in the future, so customers will have to buy older versions.

Best Wi-Fi Routers

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