Stylepie FUN-FUN Night Light

Chinese manufacturers don’t cease to surprise us with their multi-functional products. If you surf through online stores, you can find a lot of peculiar things. The one that caught our attention is definitely worth a short review – this is Stylepie FUN-FUN Night Light.

First of all, the name is absolutely accurate, everything about this device is super fun. This night light looks like a little bell with a silicon cord on top. The end of the cord is fitted with a micro-USB port for charging the device. This bell covered with a soft material, so it’s very pleasant to hold it in hands. In a vertical position this devices serves as a night light – it gives off very warm and comforting light.

However, we wouldn’t be writing this review if it were only a night light. If you put FUN-FUN on its side, on the bottom you’ll see a grille, like on speakers. But it’s not a speaker – the grille is actually an LED display that shows time, date, temperature and humidity. Just roll the device and the indicators will change. Plus, FUN-FUN can serve as an alarm clock and help you get up on time.

To sum it up, Stylepie FUN-FUN is truly a peculiar device. It’s soft, pretty and most importantly, extremely practical. So, if you’re looking for a stylish, multi-functional night light for yourself or a Christmas gift for your family, this little “bell” is for you.

Stylepie FUN-FUN Night Light

Stylepie FUN-FUN Night Light

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