Portable Gadget for Travel or Daily Use

Today, low battery on your mobile devices practically means the end of the world. You’re completely cut off of the civilization and you can’t do anything about. Of course, there are power banks but even they can’t last forever, sooner or later they will also have no battery, if there are no power sources around.  In such situations all you can hope for is some kind of a generator. Fortunately, Irish company Be.Energy created a really great gadget for travel or daily use – Portable Hand Energy Generator.

It’s called HandEnergy and it’s a highly innovative way of charging. HandEnergy is a rounded ball, made of metal. But this little ball is special. It allows you to charge your mobile devices without any other power sources because it generates electricity itself (with the help of the user, obviously).

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Here’s how it works – once you switch on the device by turning the starter ring, you need to release it. That activates the rotor which starts spinning. To keep it spinning, you have to rotate the whole device yourself. During that process, the power is transmitted from the rotor, which generates electric current. Special inbuilt batteries get charged and, as a result, you get sort of a power bank. But in this case, it was you who produced all the energy.

HandEnergy is a very handy device – it’s compact and very portable, so you’ll be able to take it anywhere with you. It’s fitted with a USB-port and you can use your own cables to connect to a smartphone or a tablet.

Right now, manufacturers are trying to raise enough funds to begin the production of this device. To support HandEnergy generator, visit its Kickstarter webpage.

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