Apple AirPods Release Date

Apple’s wireless headphones AirPods were announced a long time ago, at the same time with the release of iPhone 7. However, since then, the news wasn’t so optimistic. AirPods launch was postponed several times. Apple fans aren’t particularly happy about but finally there’s a ray of hope for them.

Macroumors journalists published an interesting e-mail that was sent by Apple CEO Tim Cook to one of the company’s fans. According to this e-mail, AirPods could already be released in December, right around Christmas holidays. Answering to this impatient fan, Cook wrote the following: “Sorry for the delay – we are now finalizing them and I anticipate we will begin to over the next few weeks”.

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This is actually a very unusual situation because typically, Phil Schiller, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing, answers to customers’ e-mails. In this case, though, Cook himself decided to contact the fan and tell him the news. Still, there was no official announcement from Apple.

AirPods were initially planned to be released in October, then in November but Apple weren’t able to do that. Despite that fact, Cook’s information may be true, so Apple fans can expect a great Christmas gift.

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