Top 5 Smartphones With The Best Cameras, Best Deals

Nowadays, smartphones are used for everything. They have become our personalized portable computers with many features. The best phones are now fitted with great cameras. As a result, regular photo cameras aren’t so popular anymore. It’s much easier to pull out a compact phone and take a picture with it. Plus, the image quality sometimes can be compared with some top-class photo cameras. That’s why we’ve decided to make a top 5 list of premium mobile devices with the best cameras.

IPhone 7 Plus.

We have to start with some classics. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the latest Apple smartphone has a great camera. It has the most advanced one, ever made by Apple. There are two 12 MP sensors but the first has a regular lens, while the second one boasts a telephoto lens. As a result, iPhone 7 Plus has an optical zoom. One more great feature of its camera is optical stabilization which eliminates any blur on images.

Samsung Galaxy S7.

Another classic example of a premium, well-functioning smartphone. This device has a 12 MP camera with enhanced pixels and top-notch optics. The autofocus system is based on the Dual Pixel technology. As every pixel has two photodiodes, the camera is able to focus fast and accurately even in low light. That’s actually the specialty of this camera – even in poorly lit rooms or at night the imagery remains clear. Besides, Galaxy S7 records videos in Full HD, Quad HD and 4K.

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Google Pixel.

The Google’s flagship smartphone was considered one of the best camera phones by DxOMark. The device is fitted with a 12.3 MP Sony IMX378 sensor with laser and phase detection autofocuses. Great stabilization system allows you to take clear shots. Also, electronic image stabilization helps record stable and smooth videos in 4K.

HTC 10  This 12 MP camera uses the same UltraPixel technology as Galaxy S7. It also has optical stabilization and laser autofocus. Boasting pretty good features (RAW image support, for example), this camera phone can be serious contender, even compared to Samsung and Apple devices. And of course, it supports video recording in 4K.

Huawei P9.

This device from Chinese tech company is equipped with two 12 MP cameras: one is monochrome and the other is colour. The result is more light and latitude. It also has laser autofocus and optical systems SUMMARIT-H 1:22/27 ASPH from German manufacturer Leica. Video recording is available in 4K or RAW format.

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