Auto Chargeable Smartwatch

There’s a new and unique product, presented on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo – Matrix PowerWatch. This smartwatch isn’t just a regular product. While other mobile devices always require a certain power source to be charged, Matrix PowerWatch doesn’t need that – it gets the energy from the warmth of human body.

Yes, that’s right, you can forget about cables and charging docks, for powering this watch all you need is you. Matrix PowerWatch has a built-in thermoelectric generator which produces energy while wearing. In order for it to work, a temperature difference is required: while the rear side is pressed against the warm human skin, the other features a radiator which cools it down a little bit.

As a smartwatch, this device is pretty functional. It has a classic design, suiting for both regular people and fitness lovers. The body frame is made of aluminium and it’s absolutely water-proof, so you wouldn’t damage the watch in the rain or in the shower. It actually is able to withstand a 50m under-water immersion.

Matrix PowerWatch is also a good fitness tracker. It’s equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerometer, due to which the watch is able to count steps and calories burned. Plus, it recognizes different activities, tracks sleep and works as an alarm clock. For accessing your fitness data and controlling the watch in general, there’s a free Matrix app. It’s available for iPhones, iPads or Android smartphones and tablets.

So, anyone, who’s interested in this device, can visit its Indiegogo webpage and support it. Manufacturers are planning to present the product at the CES 2017. The price now is $99 and deliveries will start in June. Hopefully, Matrix PowerWatch will appeal to the audience.

Smartwatch That Charges From Wrist

Smartwatch That Charges From Wrist

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