Best Rugged Smartphone Cases

We’ve already told you about regular back covers for smartphones and their pros and cons. In the article w mentioned about many different modifications of back covers. But there’s one very interesting kind of cases that wasn’t mentioned – rugged cases.

These cases are ultimate protective accessories. Just like sport cases, they are typically used by active people who spend most of their time away from the civilisation hiking or mountaineering. That’s when your devices need the best protection possible. Usually, such cases are multi-layered and they are completely shock-absorbent, waterproof, dust-resistant, and so on. For example, Otterbox Defender combines three types of protection: two layers of polycarbonate and rubber for the back and the screen protector for the front. Other cases may even be fitted with solar batteries, compasses or other necessary details for hikers.

The advantages of such “armour” are quite obvious – your phone will withstand any weather conditions and any accidents. Such cases are the best safety choice for clumsy people who drop their phones too often. Plus, as we’ve already said, built-in features may be quite useful and practical.

But if pros are so striking, what about the cons? They are actually not so noticeable but they may lead to many problems. Two layers of protection, whether it’s metal or rubber, can worsen signal reception and lead to overheating of the device. Sometimes, users complain about their smartphones having low battery all the time but they can’t even imagine that the reason for that may be the case. This often happens when people buy bad-quality cases from uncertified stores.

In any case, rugged cases are probably the best protection for a smartphone that you can get, especially if it’s for iphone 7 or Samsung devices. Such accessories are perfect for travellers and hikers but they also may be quite useful in everyday situations. But before you buy such a case, always learn as much as possible about the manufacturing company, the case itself and the store where you buy it. That way you’ll save yourself from any mishaps.

Rugged Smartphone Cases


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