New Meizu Smartphone Presentation

Chinese company Meizu is preparing for the presentation of their new smartphone, which is happening on November 30 in Beijing. Meizu is currently sending invites to media. It appears that the device will operate on a MediaTek Helio processor. The presentation slogan is “Make Helio great again!”, so it’s rather unambiguous.

This new smartphone is about to be the highlight of the presentation but there are two versions about what it actually is. Some say it will be the introduction of the Meizu M5 Note but others believe that an absolutely new Meizu X is going to be unveiled at the presentation. The latter version is more believable, as in October, the world has seen a teaser of the device and a leaked photo of the retail box.

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There’s also a heated discussion about the type of the installed Helio processor. People argue whether it will be a Helio P10 or Helio P20 but the slogan makes everybody suggest that it may even be the top-class Helio X30. However, the last suggestion is dubious. Meizu is likely to use the X30 processor in another model, Pro 7, which doesn’t come until 2017.

There’s no information available about the Meizu X but we’re sure that it’ll be a top-standard mobile device. We’ll be keeping you informed about all announcements, regarding the upcoming presentation.

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