Smartphone Back Covers, Pros and Cons

Today, back covers are probably the most popular way to protect your smartphone. They cover the rear side and edges of your device but at the same time provide access to camera, all buttons and ports. On the market you’ll find thousands of covers for all types of mobile phones. What is the reason of such immense popularity? Let’s talk about their pros.

Firstly, it’s the simplicity of installation – all you need to do is put your phone in the cover, press a little bit and that’s it. Secondly, it’s their diversity in stores. No matter what smartphone model you have, you’ll always find a suitable cover. Thirdly, they have many different modifications, depending on users’ desires and preferences. There are simple or colourful covers, “artistic” covers (with rabbit’s ears, for example), covers with built-in stands or additional compartments, charging covers, and so on. The examples of each cover can be found on our website.

But nothing is perfect, so what are the cons? To begin with, not everybody is used to holding a thicker device in their hands. That’s why people don’t like thick silicon covers, they’d rather buy thin ones, made of hard plastic. This, obviously, is a very subjective disadvantage but the next one isn’t. Very often dust of other little pieces comes between the phone and the case. They may easily scratch the rear side of your device. Also, some covers tend to stretch, so in time the phone begins to shake inside it.

In conclusion, we want to say that it’s hard to say anything against back covers, their popularity is enormous. If you’re looking for a simple protective solution for your iphone 7 or other smartphone, just buy a back cover. However, we advise our readers to be thoughtful, when choosing a cover for your phone. Always take everything into account before making a purchase.

Smartphone Back Covers

Smartphone Back Covers

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