New Plextor External Hard Drive

A company Plextor, engaged in manufacturing solid state drives (SSDs), announced its new product – the EX1. This device is very distinctive for its compactness, high speed figures (due to the USB-C interface) and design, similar to the iPod nano line-up. The size is probably the most noticeable feature of the EX1. It’s only 10sm long and weighs 30g.

Despite this size, it’s capable of transferring data at very high speeds – 500-550 MB per second, which basically allows users to transfer huge files instantaneously. All of that is provided by an advanced USB-C interface and USB 3.1 Gen 2 standards, supported by this device. Such speeds don’t affect the hard drive in any way – it doesn’t get too hot. Plus, the EX1 is shock-resistant, a very important feature for customers. With this exterior protection comes also data security – all your files are safe with 256-bit AES full-drive encryption.

On the market three versions will be available – 128, 256 and 512 GB. If you buy the EX1, in the box you’ll also find a case and an adapter with a USB-A connector. As a result, the device is compatible not only with smartphones and tablets but also with laptops and PCs. Prices for the EX1 weren’t revealed yet but we expect to learn this information very soon.

Plextor EX1 SSD Storage

Plextor EX1 SSD Storage

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