Affordable Dodocool Earphones for Apple Devices

The transition from a regular 30-pin connector to a Lightning port on Apple devices was seen as a promising solution for most accessories. Fortunately, this change was met without any outbursts of wrath on the users’ part. But one thing springs still disturbed customers – almost all accessories adjusted to this novelty but the most beloved of them all, earphones, didn’t.

Thankfully, the situation started to change in recent times. The release of iPhone 7 without the 3.5mm jack encouraged many companies to produce earphones with a Lightning interface. For this review we have selected one of the most affordable models on the market – DA55 from Dodocool.

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Despite their low price ($70), these earphones are fitted with curious features. The most notable one of them is definitely a built-in 24-bit D to A converter with an amplifier which allows users to listen to hi-fi music. Because of this converter, the audio path inside mobile devices doesn’t affect the sound quality at all, the earphones have their own mechanism for a better audio performance. As a result, DA55 boast a high frequency range along with clear and balanced sound.

To turn the volume up or down, switch and rewind songs there’s a multifunctional button, fitted on the cable. One more button is located in another block along with the mic.

These Affordable Dodocool Earphones for Apple Devices, obviously work only with iPhones, iPods and iPads. DA55 come in 4 different colour options, matching colours of iPhones. So, for happy owners of iPhone 7, who are tired of waiting for the release of AirPods, Dodocool offers very reasonably-priced DA55 earphones.

Dodocool Earphones

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