HoverDocks for Apple Watch and iPhone

During CES in January Just Mobile presented two charging docks for Apple Watches and iPhones. Despite the fact that they have been available for purchase for a long time, we thought that it’s impossible to leave these peculiar devices without a review.

Both products are basically identical – they have some little cable-holding differences but that’s not too important. In both cases it’s a neat and stylish rounded device, covered with aluminium. The top side is soft and inside, under the base, there are all the cables. But why are they called HoverDocks? Because the docks make it seem like your iPhone or Apple Watch is levitating.

HoverDocks for Apple Watch and iPhone

The iPhone dock works with any device, fitted with a Lightning port, and it works well. Once you plug your phone in, you can be sure that it will charge properly. The Lightning connector isn’t even seen under the phone, so it literally looks like your iPhone is flying above this little rounded pedestal. As for the Apple Watch dock, it has some issues. The charging puck doesn’t have any support, so you’ll have to always check if your Apple Watch is still charging. It’s not a global problem but it’s an inconvenience that could have been avoided.

Both HoverDocks are available for $35, which is a very reasonable price. In general, the docks are simple and rather beautiful, it’s an innovative way to power up your mobile devices.

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