Backback for MacBook, Excursion Rolltop 37

Chrome Industries, a world-famous brand, which specializes in clothing, footwear, messenger bags and backpacks, has always been making high-quality and durable products. As we focus mostly on accessories for mobile devices in our reviews, we tried to find something useful in the line-up of this company. And we found there an excellent product.

It is the Excursion Rolltop 37 Backpack. But what’s so special about it? Let’s look at it more closely.
This pack is actually pretty big but at the same time light. Its structure is Knurled Welded – a trademark of Chrome Industries. The material guarantees maximum durability and resistance in any weather conditions. Obviously, it’s water and wear-proof. Due to foamed back and comfortable straps, the pack fits well and doesn’t cause any inconveniences.

A big pack like this one opens up a lot of room for your necessities. Apart from a huge main compartment, there’s a built-in sleeve for your laptop, it can even fit a 15-inch MacBook as well as other devices, like a tablet or a smartphone. Unfortunately, there are no side or front pockets but considering the size of the main compartment, it’s not even a problem. Besides, Tough Hypalon straps on the front of the pack provide a place where you can attach your small items.

So, the Excursion Rolltop 37 Backpack is made exactly for “excursions”. This spacious pack is a perfect travelling partner that will have room not only for your clothes and gear but also for your mobile devices.

Backback for MacBook, Excursion Rolltop 37

Backback for MacBook, Excursion Rolltop 37

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