Turn Your iPhone into Alarm Clock

This model is a bit old but we found it to be unique and very interesting, so we’ve decided to tell you about it again. Perhaps, the concept of this idea will attract anyone who will turn this idea into something more advanced.
For people who always knock off their iPhones from nightstands in the morning, trying to find and press the snooze button, there’s a perfect accessory that will keep you awake and your phone safe.
Turn Your iPhone into Alarm Clock

Ironically, it’s called the Snooze. It is a dock that securely holds your iPhone in a horizontal position. As a result, there’s a real alarm clock beside your bed. Moreover, the Snooze serves itself as a huge snooze button of your iPhone. So forget about looking for your phone in darkness with your eyes closed – all you need to do is to tap the top rubber side of the dock. And don’t worry about dropping the dock itself – its bottom side is covered with a special material that prevents any slipping.

There are two types of this accessory – the first is called Snooze Natural and made of wood, while the second is made of aluminium. Both options are solid and very stylish. To install your iPhone into the dock doesn’t take much time, it’s very simple. The only catch is its compatibility – the Snooze was designed only for iPhone 4/5, so modern versions wouldn’t fir that dock.

All things considered, the Snooze is a cool and helpful device that will make your mornings a little more pleasant.


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