The Last Release From Blackberry, Price, Specs

Blackberry has strongly impacted the smartphone market. At the beginning of its rampant development Blackberry phones were among the first popular mobile phones. Blackberry pushed the smartphone market forward but since that it wasn’t that successful, even when they turned to Android in 2015.

The DTEK60, released in October and created by Alcatel, was thought to be the last smartphone of Blackberry. However, John Chen, the Blackberry CEO, has confirmed the rumours and stated that his company isn’t done with smartphones – the manufacturing of the officially final Blackberry smartphone is currently in progress.

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This new device, unlike the DTEK60, will have the iconic Blackberry feature – the keyboard. In this case, it will be a built-in keyboard. There is no additional information about other features but we can say with absolute certainty that once again, Alcatel is going to make this new smartphone.

Blackberry has already shut down all its hardware manufacturing. After this last smartphone, the company is going to focus on the software and enterprise business, which brings much more money than the smartphone market. Nevertheless, the last release of the legendary company is highly anticipated.

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