iPhone Dock With a Compartment For Your Stuff

In a diverse market of phone docks you may sometimes find something very unusual. You might not know that but these multi-functional devices can be even more multi-functional. One of these versatile docks caught our eye.

Radiovault from Cannon Security Products turns your iPhone smartphone into something more. The device is fitted with a drawer that pops out when you use the fingerprint scanner. This padded compartment is big enough, so you could put there your essentials, like money, cards, keys or documents. Of course, it’s not a safe but it’s good enough for storing your valuables.

iPhone Dock

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Speaking about other features, Radiovault serves as nice dock for your iPhone. You can put it beside your bed and use it as nightstand – your phone and other stuff will be in one place. The controls on top of the device are easy to operate. A little screen displays time and date.

Radiovault isn’t a speaker dock but it has a FM-tuner, so you could listen to radio before the sleep and in the morning it’ll wake you up, as it can also work as an alarm clock. The dock itself can fit only iPhone or iPod but using a USB-cable you can connect the whole device to other smartphones and tablets, so it’s not made exclusively for Apple products.

So, Radiovault is an amazing and versatile device which accommodates many really useful features. Having it on your desk may help organize all your personal items properly.

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