Galaxy S8 Smartphone, Price and Specs

The scandal around the Samsung Note 7 has tarnished the Samsung’s reputation but the company is still planning a release of their newest Smartphone device, Galaxy S8, on the beginning of 2017. Right now, the Internet is full of different rumours about the upcoming announcement from the Korean company.

A recent report says that the S8 won’t be fitted with the headphone jack (like iPhone 7) and the home button. The latter will be removed for a bigger display. Other news sources confirm this information According to the Korean news website, the Bell, Samsung engineers are going to release two versions of the S8. The first is a 5.7-inch smartphone, similar to the Edge series, and the second is a huge 6.2-inch device that is likely to a frame-to-frame display without the bezel on the bottom half of the screen.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 Smartphone

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Analysts say that the Samsung’s decision to extend the S8 line-up was influenced by the customers’ preference to the big screen “that can not be absorbed in Note 7 to the Galaxy S8 model”. Samsung representatives and specialists haven’t provided any answers to these rumours but one thing certain for sure – the company is planning to fit the S8 with a new voice assistant. Perhaps, the recent acquisition of Viv will help the Korean company with that.

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