Philips Fidelio Premium Bluetooth Speaker Dock

The speaker dock market started developing very fast with the success of smartphones. IPhones and iPads made speaker docks extremely popular but we shouldn’t forget Android smartphones and tablets which also contributed to the rise of these audio devices. Despite the fact that most docks are currently made for Apple products, there are those which work only with Android devices. And we’re gonna tell you about one of them.

It’s called Philips Fidelio Premium Bluetooth Speaker Dock for Android devices. Being a well-known, global brand, Philips products must always comply with the highest standards. And this one totally does. This docking speaker works with any Android device. The connector on the speaker moves, so it’s not important where the connector on your phone or tablet is located. Your mobile device can be held in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Bluetooth Speaker Dock For Android

Philips Fidelio Bluetooth Speaker Dock

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Philips Fidelio also comes with a whole set of different apps, like Philips DockStudio or Songbird. The first one allows you to play thousands of songs from the Internet, share them with your friends, and so on. As to Songbird, it’s more than just an app – it can be also installed on your PC and it basically has the same functions as Philips Dock Studio – you can access music from the Internet and listen to it from the speaker.

As for the sound, it doesn’t leave much to be desired. 10W of power provide forceful audio performance. Two 3-inch woofers produce pleasant lows, mids and highs, so you could enjoy your favourite music for 8 hours, that’s how long the battery lasts. By the way, this speaker dock can also be powered by 4 AA batteries.

All in all, Philips AS351/37 Fidelio Docking Speaker is wonderful device for all Android fans around the world. The functionality and nice sound won’t leave you disappointed, and it’s offered with best discount price.


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