Braven Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The main specialty of Braven is speakers and accessories for them. That’s why products from this company attract attention from music enthusiasts. As it says on the Braven’s website, “music isn’t just a backdrop; it’s an experience”. Braven produces speakers for different activities. There are home, outdoor and active series. Speaking of the outdoor series, the company has recently released a new speaker and we’re gonna tell you about it.

It’s called BRV-1M and it’s a proper device for active people. First of all, the internal parts are made of high-quality aluminium, while the exterior is rubber and plastic. The result is the weight of only 540g. The speaker is waterproof, so it won’t be damaged in the rain. All the ports (charging and audio-in) are protected with a rubber flap. On the rear side there’s an action mount and a strap, meaning you can attach the speaker to your bike or bag.

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The audio performance, though, isn’t perfect. In general, the sound is clear, the speaker has great bass but it doesn’t quite as well at higher volume. Other than that, BRV-1M provides nice sound, especially considering its price ($100). By the way, the battery is good for 12 hour audio playback.

It’s worth mentioning that BRV-1M doesn’t just play music – inside there’s a built-in 2200mAh charging battery, so you could power up your smartphone or tablet, even while you’re playing music from your mobile device via Bluetooth.

To sum it up, the BRV-1M speaker is perfect for outdoor activities. Its functional design, charging features and waterproofness deserve a recommendation for users, especially if they are into running or cycling.

Braven Bluetooth speaker

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