Q Acoustics Media 4 Wireless Soundbar

Today many people buy soundbars. They are a kind of loudspeakers which play the audio from a wider enclosure, like TVs or computers. Many companies, specializing in audio electronics, started producing soundbars, so there are a lot of them on the market. In this review we’ll tell you about one of many good ones – Media 4 from Q Acoustics.

Q Acoustics had a lot experience in audio electronics, so, obviously, their soundbars must be great. The Media definitely falls into that category. It’s a rather big, trapezoidal device that would be a nice addition to 40-inch TVs or larger. Inside the soundbar you’ll find two BMR drivers and a big subwoofer. All these details allow the Media 4 to deliver impressive 2.1 sound.

Speaking of the sound, this soundbar makes regular TV-audio much richer. The room-filling performance will let you completely immerse into the movie that you’re watching. Music also sounds incredible, it doesn’t lose any dynamics even at the maximum volume.

The connectivity is pretty regular. Wirelessly (via Bluetooth) it works with smartphones or tablets. To connect the Media 4 to the TV you’ll have to use a digital optical cable. The included remote will help you operate the soundbar without problems.

So, for people who want to boost up the sound of their TVs, laptops or smartphones the Media 4 is a fantastic choice. It has a very reasonable price and all the features you need in a good soundbar.

Q Acoustics Media 4 Wireless Soundbar

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