Damda Glide iPhone 7 case

The release of iPhone 7 kickstarted the production of accessories for this smartphone, including adapters, covers, cases, and so on. In our reviews we try to inform the audience about the most, in our opinion, interesting and useful ones, available on the market. And the next product is definitely one of them – the Damda Glide case for iPhone 7.

VRS Design, the company which created the case, states on their website that it is “the world’s first semi‑automatic card case”. But are they actually talking about? Let us elaborate on that. The case has a compartment for your cards that is opened due to the special patented semi-automatic sliding mechanism. It means that the slide works with a slight push of a finger, giving you access to your cards whenever you need to use them.

But let’s not forget about protection features of this case. It consists of two layers: thermoplastic PE and polycarbonate. The structure secures your iPhone 7 very well and guarantees safety in force majeure situations. The case actually has been drop-tested by the specialists in VRS Design, and the results were impressive – it had no damage after 26 drops from the height of 1.2 meters.

The Damda Glide case combines a high level of protection and functionality to give you an excellent, maybe even perfect accessory for your iPhone 7.

Damda Glide Case for iPhone 7

Damda Glide Case for iPhone 7

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