DALI Katch Portable Speaker

For music enthusiasts, who appreciate rich, Hi-Fi sound in from their speakers, there’s a portable and functional choice – the DALI Katch. Although they changed the first letter in their name, this speaker really is a catch. It’s considered one of the best, released in 2016. Why is that? First of all, DALI Katch is full of very innovative details. On the inside there are two 21-mm tweeters and two woofers, made of aluminium. All of these elements are driven by a powerful amplifier which can produce 2x25W of power.

Also, the DALI Katch has an eye-catching design. The body is made of high-quality aluminium and polycarbonate. Both rear and front sides are covered with stylish mesh panels. Plus, it’s only 47mm thick, which makes it perfect for carrying around in your bag.

Furthermore, the audio performance, given by the speaker, is amazing. Despite its compact size, the sound is powerful and room-filling. And it doesn’t matter what kind of music you play via the speaker – it keeps up equally well with merry, dance songs and classical tunes.

The speaker connects quickly via Bluetooth with any devices, featuring a Bluetooth technology, so all smartphones, tablets laptops are compatible with the DALI Katch. It also has an auxiliary port and a USB charge port. The full battery is enough for 24 hours of working and charging takes only 2 hours.

If you’re willing to spend a little more money on a great-sounding and fashionable speaker, you should absolutely check out the DALI Katch. Its portability, elegant design and powerful audio performance totally justify the high price.

DALI Katch Portable Speaker

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