Garmin VIRB Ultra Action Sports Camera

When we talk about action cameras, the word “GoPro” immediately comes to mind. GoPro is the market leader and it’s hard to compete with them. But it doesn’t mean that other companies just stopped producing cameras, we still see a lot of attractive options out there. For example, Garmin has recently released a device that may easily become a contender to GoPro titans. It’s called VIRB Ultra 30 and here’s our short review of it.

The camera is packed with all sorts of features. It records 4K video with the speed of 30fps, capturing everything to the slightest detail. There’s also an image stabilization system, so if you’re shooting a video while running, skiing or snowboarding, don’t worry – the footage will still be clear and not shaky. VIRB is also connected to its own mobile app (available for iPhones and smartphones on Android), using which you can operate numerous cameras, share photos and videos or even create a live high-quality YouTube stream.


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Furthermore, due to G-Metrix technology the VIRB Ultra 30 tracks all the data while recording, like how fast you’re moving, how high you are and even how fast your heart’s beating. VIRB Ultra 30 is a voice-controlled device – it’s very convenient when you’re busy doing something else. Just command the camera to take a picture (great for selfies) or start shooting a video and it’ll do so. The powerful microphone ensures the effectivity of the voice control system.

The camera is extremely simple to operate. It has a sensitive, responsive touchscreen, concealed in a water-resistant case. Other functions aren’t complicated as well – just press the button to take a picture or quickly turn on the camera with an On/Off button.

In this competition with GoPro devices Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 may not be the winner but it’s certainly a challenger. It boasts a lot of useful features and will be a loyal digital companion for all active people.

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