Tough ZeroLemon Power Bank With Huge 30.000mAh Capacity

We all know that regular power banks are very useful. They help you every day, charging your smartphones and tablets, and you can carry them everywhere. But what if you’re a traveller and spend long periods of time in places without electricity? For such extreme conditions you need the toughest, most powerful power bank ever. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna tell you about, the ZeroLemon Tough Juice.

This device is the ultimate power bank – it’s neither light, nor very portable but it’s incredibly helpful. First of all, the capacity of 30.000mAh is enormous, the battery can keep your devices charged for a week. Second of all, it’s covered with two layers protective materials (hard plastic and soft shell), which makes the power bank completely shock-absorbent. The ports are also protected, so that no dust or dirt could get into them. So travellers can be calm about the safety of this power bank, even when they climb mountains or cross rivers.

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ZeroLemon Power Bank

ZeroLemon Tough Juice Power Bank

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The ZeroLemon Tough Juice has 4 USB-ports with the total power of 6A. As a result, it can charge an iPhone 10 times, Galaxy S6 – 7 times, there’s even enough power for multiple charges of iPad Air. As most regular power banks, it has 4 LED lights on the top side that indicate how much charge is left. By the way, you can plug four different devices into the battery and it’ll charge them all at the same time.

Even in the most challenging environments it will charge your iPhone, iPad or any other mobile devices efficiently. If you’re planning a hiking trip, this power bank must be in your backpack.

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