Ultra Thin External Battery Pack Flux Portable Power Bank

Today we rely on our mobile devices so much that when we see the sinister “low battery” notification from the phone, we start to panic. To save us in these situations power banks were invented. They are relatively small devices that help you charge up your phone or tablet wherever you are. When it comes to power banks, there’s no lack of options in stores but people with different lifestyles need different devices. For active people who look for maximum portability in their accessories there’s an excellent option – the Flux Portable Power Bank Ultra Thin External Battery Pack.

Flux portable charger is considered as one of the best in its kind. And it totally deserves that high praise. First and foremost, this is probably the fittest and slimmest power bank there is – 7.8mm thick with the size of 108 x 62.8 mm. It’s so portable that you can just put it in your pocket.

Flux Portable Power Bank

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Despite its size and lightness, the Flux is pretty capacitative – 4000mAh. That’s more than enough to charge your phone at least twice. Although the device doesn’t support Quick Charge, it still can charge up a Samsung S7 Edge in a few hours. By the way, an iPhone is charged fully very fast – it’ll only take an hour. That’s because the Flux is very intelligent – it adapts to the kind of device you’re charging and produces an appropriate amount of current. And we should mention that you can still charge your phone and the Flux itself simultaneously.

The Flux is fitted with two ports: micro-USB and Lightning, so it charges pretty much every device, including iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, cameras or headphones.

In conclusion, we should say that the Flux power bank is truly amazing. It’s sleek, portable, reliable and very smart.
The Flux is a perfect companion for everybody who’s looking for a full charge and endless adventure.

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