Extremely Practical Case for MacBook

When you buy a MacBook, the next thing you think about is how to protect it. Once you’ve dealt with that problem, you start wondering how you could carry it around. Usually people transport their devices in bags or backpacks with special laptop compartments. But there’s a new, very innovative and unique way, invented by designers from the Taiwanese company ZELNET. We’d like to tell you a bit more about this.

It’s called Lift and it’s a solid aluminium case that protects your MacBook from all sides with its exterior panels. The laptop doesn’t shake inside of the case, it fits perfectly inside of it. It’s also highly practical – in case you want to use your laptop, you just open the case and it can serve as a nice stand for more comfortable typing and cooling of the MacBook. All ports are protected well from the intrusion of dust. For carrying there’s a comfortable aluminium handle.


Lift complements your laptop wonderfully – if you put the MacBook inside of it, it becomes only 2mm thicker and still looks elegant. Protective panels are customizable – you can choose a colour according to your tastes if you have a particular style.

There are two versions of Lift: for the 13-inch MacBook and for the 15-inch one. To support the product and learn more about its prices, you can visit its ZENLET page.
But if you order the case now, don’t expect it to be delivered soon – first Lifts are going to be shipped only in April, 2017.

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