Stylish and Affordable Power Banks

Everybody has been in situations when you need to make an urgent call from your phone but the battery runs low and the phone just switched off.
Today, however, it’s possible to avoid these unpleasant surprises using external battery chargers or, how people call them more often, power banks. Mostly, they are compact and comfortable for carrying around, so your devices will always be charged up.

This raises the question: which one to choose?

There is one attractive option that you should definitely check out – power banks from the company Canyon. Their series, called CNE-CPB, has a lot to offer, still remaining efficient and reasonably-priced.

The CNE-CPB models aren’t very alike in terms of size or capacity but they all have one distinctive similarity – their design. All power banks of this series are quite portable and light, they look elegant with their rounded corners and smooth surface and edges. Also, the output current figures are the same: 2.1A for the first USB-port and 1A for the second one. The result is fast and effective charging for any smartphones (iPhones, Samsung or any other) and tablets.
Capacities vary from 2100mAh to 15600mAh, so anyone will find a power bank according to his tastes. Most models are fitted with 2 USB-ports, an LED charging indicator and a micro-USB for charging the power bank itself.
So, Canyon CNE-CPB series is worth looking at if you want to buy a good power bank. Behind the sleek design we also see nice functionality and a lot of charging possibilities.

Affordable Power Banks

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