iPad Stand and Charging in one Device

Earlier 2010 when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad in 2010, he couldn’t possibly imagine how immensely popular this device will be in less than 10 years.

Today iPads and other tablets almost replaced computers because of their portability and multiple working possibilities. But still, big tablets, like a 12.9-inch iPad, are quite large and not very comfortable to handle. That’s why mobile accessory companies started producing stands or even charging stands for tablets. For this review we chose one of the best charging stands from a well-known brand – the Logitech Base Charging stand.

First of all, this stand and iPad Pro are basically ideal partners – the Base matches the tablet excellently. Only high-quality aluminium was used in making the stand. The rubbered bottom prevents slipping and the arc-like shape of the stand guarantees support to your iPad. On the whole, the Base looks very reliable.

The Base is really practical. You can put it anywhere in the house and enjoy, as it provides a perfect angle for watching films or reading. The Base is also an essential accessory for work. It allows you to work on your iPad Pro right on your desk, being a great addition to your office décor.

Let’s not forget that the Base is, on top of everything else, a charging stand. It’s equipped with an Apple’s own Smart Connector technology, so it will suit only 9.7 or 12.9-inch iPads as they already have Smart Connector ports. Charging can be done anywhere as long as there’s a necessary power source. It’s recommended to charge your devices from regular wall outlets, not from PCs.

To sum it up, Logitech continues to live up to customers’ expectations and with the Base, it maintains the high quality level of their products. With a possibility of charging the tablet and using it at the same time, the Logitech Base is a fantastic and useful accessory for both work and home.
iPad Stand and Charging in one Device

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