Case for iPad With Adjustable Angle View

The company Logitech has always been famous for their high-quality products, like mice, keyboards or Smart Home devices but Logitech is also very respected in the mobile accessory market. Producing cases, charging stands and other stuff, the company is successfully conquering the market and consumers’ hearts. One of their specialties is tablet cases and sleeves, especially iPad cases.
And here we have one of the best to tell you about – a Logitech Hinge Protective Case with Stand for iPad.

This case is a perfect counterpart for your iPad. It’s lightweight and thin, so extremely comfortable for carrying around. Don’t forget that it’s also a protective case – your iPad will be safe from accidental bumps or scratches. Moreover, the fabric, which the case is made from, is water-proof. It’s not highly water-proof but it’s quite enough to protect your device from rain or spills.

Another convenient feature of this case is its practicality. Hinge is highly adjustable – you can regulate the angle you want your iPad to be held, depending on what you’re doing whether watching movies or working on the Internet. Your iPad is strongly fixed in its place due to the hinge, which can endure multiple bends and adjustments.

What about compatibility? Obviously, it was designed for iPads but not all of them: it fits only iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7 inch. For other iPads Logitech also has various cases and sleeves.

So, if you need a trendy and practical protection for your iPad, Hinge is the case for you. It’s actually the most popular Logitech’s case, so that tells a lot. Be sure that this one, due to its flexibility, will serve you well for a long time.
Logitech Hinge Case for ipad

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