Reliable Power Banks From HIPER

Nowadays external battery chargers or power banks are one of the most popular accessories for mobile devices. They are extremely helpful for people with active lifestyle who need their phone or tablet to be always charged. Power banks are also necessary companions of travellers because they spend most of their time in places where there are no power sources.

Stores are filled with many different power banks and it’s quite easy to get lost in this diversity. That’s why we try to review on our website only the best ones, and the product that we’re going to tell you about now totally qualifies as one of them.

It’s called HIPER Mobile Power. The company HIPER is known for making various external chargers. This particular line-up (Mobile Power) includes 6 batteries with the capacity ranging from 2500mAh to 20000mAh. All of them are quite different in terms of size and weight but everything else is pretty much the same. Every model features 2 USB-ports. The first has output current of 2.1A, while the second one is a little weaker – 1A. That’s why the first port will be more suitable for charging smartphones and tablets and the second one – for smaller digital devices. The similarities also include SD-card port, a charging indicator and a small flashlight.

All power banks are charged through a micro-USB port, so no problem with compatibility, you can charge iPhones, Samsung and other smartphones or tablets from any brand. Plus, several connectors are included. The charging time solely depends on the capacity of your device.

HIPER external chargers are a reliable and inexpensive way to avoid situations when battery on your smartphone runs low. The company has a few of these power banks in their range, so you can choose the one suiting to your needs and preferences.

Hiper power banks

Hiper power banks

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