Functional Adapter for iPhone 7

The latest Apple smartphone iPhone 7 came out with many new features, and, probably, the most debatable one was the absence of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Not every user was happy with that decision from the company. Plus, the release of Apple’s wireless AirPods, which are supposed to replace regular headphones, was delayed and the headphones may not even launch in this year.

This, of course, gave a chance for accessories companies to enter the market with new ideas and products. In this case we’re going to focus on one accessory. It’s called iLdock. Basically, it’s an adapter that plugs into the Lightning port of the iPhone and features a Lightning port itself and, most importantly, a headphone jack, so you’ll be able to listen to music with regular wired headphones and charge your phone simultaneously.

The iLdock also has different modifications: the one we’ve already mentioned, the iLdock Duo with 2 Lightning ports and a multi-functional iLdock Plus featuring a 3.5mm jack, a Lightning and USB-ports as well as two slots for memory cards (TF and SD).

The product gained a lot of popularity even before the beginning of its mass manufacturing. On the website Kickstarter creators of the iLdock were able to collect more than $200.000 to start its mass production, so expect it to hit the markets soon.

iLdock, portable iphone 7 adapter

iLdock, portable iphone 7 adapter

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