Xiaomi presented phone with frameless display

Xiaomi unfolded a few surprises during the latest presentation in Beijing. Along with the new Mi Note 2, the brand introduced their new phablet and it was the main newsmaker. It’s called Mi Mix and it has a 6.4’’ frameless display.

The company itself claims that it is “the world’s first” flameless device. Almost the whole front side (91%) is a screen with 2040×1080 resolution and 17:9 aspect ratio. The only thing that reminds of a regular is the panel on the lower part of screen but it has no buttons.

Inside the Mi Mix there are a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 CPU, 4 Gb of RAM for the 128 Gb version or 6 Gb for the 256 Gb one. The device also features a fingerprint sensor on the back side.

The Mi Mix has two cameras but if the rear one has 16 Mp resolution and can record 4K videos, the frontal has only 5 Mp. The device supports 2 SIM-cards and has a nice 4.400mAh battery.

The sales of the phablet are expected to start on 4/11.

Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi phone

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