IPhone Bumpers – Practical Advice

In the last 2 years bumpers for iPhones and other smartphones became quite popular.
Here we’ll give you a piece of advice on choosing a suitable bumper.

1) Smartphone shouldn’t shake inside of a bumper, so it must be very tight.

2) A bumper must feature only one buckle, located on the bottom side in the corner (right or left). The buckle must easily open both with a phone inside of it and without a phone.

3) On the inside a bumper must have a soft liner (usually, it’s soft micronia or microfibre) to prevent scratches.

4) Typically, bumpers are made from aluminium alloys by highly-accurate CNC machines but the edges aren’t always smooth. Make sure that all the edges are smooth, usually, they are covered with a thin layer of UV coating.

5) All the holes for iPhone buttons (volume buttons, ON/OFF button) must be present. Sometimes, instead of holes, manufacturers make volume buttons on the bumper itself.

6) If your winters are cold, a bumper must have leather trims on the outside. This prevents aluminium from cooling down in cold temperatures, for example, when you’re sitting in a patio of a restaurant and your phone is lying on the table. Cold bumpers aren’t that pleasant to touch.

7) Sometimes, a leather wrist strap is included in a set. With a strap it’s more convenient to pull your device out of a purse or type a text without dropping your phone.

In general, that’s the basic advice on choosing a bumper for an iPhone.
Hopefully, our advice will be helpful for you. If any comments, please let us know.

IPhone Bumpers

iPhone Bumpers

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