Super-Tough Case for iPhone

Usually iPhone-cases aren’t very complicated. Most of them look quite ordinary and provide at least a little bit of protection for your device. But what if you’re a hiker, a cyclist or you’re into another kind of physical activity? In this case, you have to be careful carrying the phone around, so it needs to be secured as well as possible. On the market now there’s an option for anybody who looks for more than just a protective case for an iPhone 7.

It’s called ESR Hybrid Shockproof and it’s amazing. First, it already looks like it’s been sent from the future to save us from destroying our technology. This robot-like design may seem a bit too rugged but it shouldn’t bother you much.

The Hybrid Shockproof uses a Tri-layer protection system: on the back we have a hard polycarbonate outer case, on the inside – a TPU bumper. The latter has a special X-Bone which contributes to a firm and strong structure of the case. For more shock absorbency the corners are fitted with a thicker layer of TPU, so dropping the phone is no longer a problem.

The case also takes care of the screen and the camera. They are both with a differently raised bezel (1.2mm and 2.5mm respectively) ensuring no damage to these vulnerable parts of every phone. Besides, all ports are easily accessible.

So, if you need the ultimate protection for your iPhone 6 or 7, the ESR Hybrid Shockproof is definitely worth checking out. Yes, it is bulky and large but technically it’s perfect doing the best job at being a protective case.

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