Cool Smartwatch for Android Fans

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that has fitness tracking features and also looks nice and sleek, you might want to check out the Q Wander from Fossil.

This watch is fitted with a touch-screen AMOLED display that may sound familiar to Android fans. But not only that – it actually works on Android Wear, a smartwatch adaptation of the regular Android. As a result, on the display you’ll be able to see all the notifications from your phone. And don’t worry, so much Android in this watch doesn’t mean that it works only with the smartphones on that operating system. It also integrates well with iPhones and Windows smartphones. Actually, fast and effective synchronization between the watch and your phone is one of main advantages of this accessory.

Fitness tracking in this watch is quite regular: it counts your steps, distance travelled, amount of calories burned and also tracks your sleep. It doesn’t feature a heart rate monitor, so keep that in mind if you consider buying this watch. And there’s also 4Gb for music, so that fitness wouldn’t be boring and tedious.

Inside a little 360mAh battery powers the watch but it requires daily charging as it runs only for maximum 24 hours.

The Fossil Q Wander is quite standard in terms of its fitness functionality but it’s a nice watch for people who prefer style and good synchronization between their devices.

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